About Bathaholic LLC

Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission No. S6844015
Licensed in Virginia Beach, VA
Insured through Handmade Artisans RPG, LLC 

How It Started

In 2014 I made the decision to eat healthier and work out on a regular basis. I ordered a popular video workout program and after the second day of exercises meant for Delta Force training, I couldn’t move. Seriously, I think that every muscle in my body was crying. My mother-in-law once told me about the healing effects of Epsom salt, so I tried them in a bath (one that I could barely get into since my body hurt so much). Not only did my skin feel amazing afterwards, but I could actually feel my legs again. It became my go-to therapy and once I started adding essential oils, I was hooked. I had a thought in my mind that I could mix up batches of ‘healing salts’ and sell them to ladies in my workout group, but I was already overextended with work and school so nothing came of it.

In early 2017 I decided to go for it. I had a lot of ideas saved up from the past few years and a few product marketing classes under my belt, so I started experimenting with different ingredients and recipes. I tested them out on myself, and let me tell you, I’ve done some pretty nasty things to my tub. I’ve even tinted myself a nice shade of blue when I put too much dye in a bath bomb.

After I was happy with something, it went out to test groups that completed blind surveys. Based on the feedback, I saved the ‘good’ recipes, tweaked others, or threw them out completely. I’ve spent countless hours learning about industry standards, laws about selling cosmetics (the category my products fall under), and researching suppliers for my ingredients.

A Bit About Me 

I’ve always loved crafting and being creative which is another reason why I started this company. I have a full time job in marketing, and I’m pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Business Management/Marketing. My husband and I have three grown children who all live out of state, and we’re parents to two spoiled dogs that we rescued seven years ago. When I’m not working or studying, I’m in my shop making products or creating new ones.

About My Products

I believe in total transparency. My goal with starting this company was not only to offer natural products and products with very limited synthetic ingredients, but to share what I’ve learned about the bath and body industry. Product safety is my first priority. I only use high-quality ingredients and keep Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for each one. Colorants are FDA approved for cosmetic use and dyes are FDA batch certified. Fragrance oils are in compliance with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). Essential Oils are 100% pure and not diluted knock-offs, and I keep Certificates of Compliance for each.

My products are also:

  • Phthalate Free. Phthalates are industrial plasticizers that are used in the cosmetic industry to moisturize and soften skin. It has been linked to delayed reproductive and development in humans.
  • Paraben Free. Parabens are preservatives that are used in personal care products and food to prolong shelf life. They can be especially harmful to pregnant women and children.
  • Gluten Free. My products are free of gluten proteins commonly found in wheat, rye, spelt and barley. Although oatmeal is naturally gluten free, it may be processed in a factory that also processes gluten containing grains. The oatmeal I use in my products is Certified Gluten Free, meaning that it is farmed, processed, packaged and shipped from a manufacturer that keeps separate facilities from typical grains. 
  • Nut Free. I do not use nuts or nut oils in any of my products. Coconut and macadamia oils and butters may be used in certain products and do not typically fall into the 'tree nut allergy' category. If you have a nut allergy, please consult with your physician before using products containing coconut or macadamia nut oils and butters.
  • GMO Free. Plant and vegetable based products are not genetically modified.
  • Cruelty Free. Ingredients are purchased from manufactures that do not test on animals.
  • Sustainable. Soy wax used in the wax melts are made with sustainable soybeans grown in the US. Palm Oil used in soap is also sourced from companies that comply with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

If you have any questions about the ingredients I use, or you wish to see certificates for my ingredients, please email me at BathaholicLLC@gmail.com.