Shower Steamers

No time for a bath? These shower fizzies react to water much like a bath bomb but are specially formulated to work with steam from your shower. Simply place one on a shower shelf or tub floor, activate it with a few drops of water, and let the steam do the work. Click on each option to see the benefits of the essential oil blends.

Warnings: These are highly concentrated with essential oils and should not be used as a bath bomb. Oils may cause shower floor to become slippery so please use caution when entering and exiting your tub. 

To use, place one unwrapped fizzy in a corner of the shower floor or on a shelf away from the direct spray of water. Sprinkle with a little bit of water to activate (it will start to foam and fizz). They typically last throughout the duration of your shower, and many times can be used more than once.

It is recommended not to run your exhaust fan while using this product since you'll want the steam to carry the scent. At the end of your shower, allow to dry completely before using again. It is best to keep it wrapped in foil until the next use. Please note that if you use it more than once, the scent may not be as strong but the essential oil vapors are still being released.


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