All new products go through extensive development and testing prior to being sold to the public. When products are available for testing, they will be listed under this collection. If you are interested in being a product tester, you agree to the following:

  • You must have an active account with Bathaholic LLC (done at the time of order if you are a new customer).
  • Limit of one sample per customer. If more are selected, you will only be sent one and refunded the cost of additional samples.
  • Samples are provided for no to minimal charge on the agreement that you will provide your feedback within the designated timeframe via an online survey (typically 8-10 questions).
  • All samples are mailed and shipping is included in the price; there is no pick up option. We've unfortunately had too many products not picked up to make this an option. Please do not select 'local pick up' as an option for shipping - your order will not be processed if this is selected.
  • Samples cannot be ordered with other products - they must be a stand-alone item. This ensures they are sent out on the stated shipping date and not delayed with other order processing.
  • Estimated shipping dates are provided with each listing along with the date surveys are due. There is also a link to the survey in the listing. A Participant Code will be included with your sample to access the survey.
  • Please keep these deadlines in mind when signing up to be a product tester. We count on this feedback to either improve our product prior to sale or to order bulk supplies for production.
  • If your survey isn't completed within the designated dates, you will be removed from all future testing opportunities. 

Please send us an email at BathaholicLLC@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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