Wax Snap Bars - 100% Soy Based

Improved version of our clamshell wax melts! We've done away with the single-use plastic clamshells and changed to a soy wax that allows even more fragrance to be added. 

These hand poured wax snap bars are made with 100% soy based wax. Unlike paraffin wax which is petroleum based, soy wax is completely natural and non-toxic. It burns and melts at a lower temperature so you enjoy the scent up to 50% longer than standard candle and tart waxes. In case of spills, clean up is easy with soap and water. 

Highly scented with the max fragrance load. Just snap off a block or two depending on the size of your room and melter. Packaged in a recyclable cello bag* which is better for the environment than single-use plastic clamshells. 

Produced from American grown soybeans, soy wax is eco-friendly and sustainable while supporting our local farmers.

We only use eco-friendly and biodegradable glitter. None of the glitter contains plastic and is made from minerals and plants. 


*Cello bags can be recycled with other plastic bags at grocery stores and some major retailers. Most curb-side pick up recycling programs to not allow for film or bag disposal. 




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